permanent exhibition
A memorial site for the victims of the massacre of 25 October 1956 has been constructed in the 350 sq m space of the southern ventilation tunnel under Kossuth Square, which was once part of the air-conditioning system of the Parliament building.

The In Memoriam 25 October 1956 Memorial Site and Exhibition, inaugurated on 25 October 2014, consists of two elements that can be interpreted separately, and yet they complement each other: an exhibition presenting the ruthless massacre that took place at Kossuth Square on 25 October 1956, and a memorial site in the shape of a rotunda, offering visitors an opportunity for expressing grief, paying tribute and commemorating the victims.

Reliable information on the events is provided by museum objects, projected images from the period and screened documentaries, while reminiscences of survivors offer a moving account of the fierce inhumanity of those times.

The interactive map on the touch screen shows where massacres took place in Hungary in 1956. At the memorial site, in the middle of the rotunda, the 1956 monuments by Imre Makovecz and László Gömbös can be seen, while the brick wall is covered with plaques bearing the names of victims or symbolising unidentified victims. Our goal is to fill – with the help of visitors – the hundreds of empty plaques with identifiable names of victims, thus honouring the memory of the martyrs.
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